Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Seventeen Hour Turn Around

Pretty cool eh! Well we were all at the rock show, the past weekend and saw these little orange balls of light way way up in the sky......besides my first thought of North Korea attacking and my second thought of UFO's I realized what they were we had to get one!
Ms D and I went for a walk to find the mini hot air balloon vendor....he was not hard to find and after spending ten bucks (thanks T) we came back with a hot pink mini balloon. It is basically a cross between very light cloth and a paper material, shaped into a balloon with a metal coat hanger like ring around the bottom. Two wires form a cross in the ring, it comes with a 2 inch by 2 inch chunk of parafin wax witch you fasten to the wires...hold the balloon up, light the wax on fire, watch for drips and as it burns you can feel the air inside the balloon warm up till it floats away! They actually go pretty high in the sky! A very nice Korean lady took these photo's and asked if she could email them to me...She did obviously and it was very nice of her! Ms D took a video of the same event maybe she'll post it!
After all that excitement and a very long day at the concert, we (8 of us) were on our way to find a hotel, as the pentaport rock festival is about an hour outside of Bundang. The only way back at that time of night is by taxi. The cost is about $100 and they won't crowd all of us in one car, so hotel it was followed by a $3 bus ride in the morning......Surprise there was a cabbie standing by the main road, said he would do it for $60, we were like well there is eight of us can you get another cab in on it for the same deal? Sure as shit we rounded up two cabs and made it back home. Oh ya by the way we were home in 23minutes as the cabbie did between 140kmh and 175 kmh the whole way back! Ms D asked me at one point, Sean how fast are we going? I was like 155 LOL The other cabbie with the rest of our group was actually a little bit ahead of us.
True story! Speaking of true stories, you can read this guys blog !!

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