Thursday, July 23, 2009

Deeper Shade Of Seoul

We went to see the Seoul fish market in the suburb of Noryangjin. It is about a kilometer long under a covered roof full of nothing but stuff from the ocean. You can pick what you want and they will cook it up right there for ya! Well we were a little overwhelmed with the millions of living items for sale, wondering if there was any left in the ocean, it was seriously disturbing seeing all of that so we never bought a thing! Anyway they also don't let you take pics so I turned my flash off and tried to be sneaky about it....Some are not the best quality but you'll get the idea.
Koreans will eat anything as your about to see.......

I believe these are dried fish for making broth

A picture of Gangnam's giant street computers available for public use. I took this after we left the market

See the black towers down the whole street! All computers

Street vendor

The two barbershop poles on the roof together,spinning opposite directions is a sign for a rub and tug or a place where men go NOT to get their haircut

random street sign see any accident potential?

Street vendors close to the market!

Green bowls of garlic

I actually bought that bag of peanuts!

See I told ya Koreans eat anything!

Fish that didn't make the market!

Kimchi pots

All the umbrella's in the back ground are little old lady's (Ajuma's) selling stuff!

Getting closer

While walking you also have to watch out for motorcycles on the sidewalk!

I told her look a bird, then I snapped the photo!

Ahh smells!

Ahh I forgot this is another reason we didn't buy any fish! If you saw the floor of the place you would know what i'm sayin!

Take yer pick!


Octopus! Apparently you can eat it live and it's better tasting than cooked
I tried it cooked but was not to crazy about shoving a just hacked off tentacle in my mouth!

Shrimp prices are cheap! that translated to about $20 a kg

Sea urchins and such

Do ya see the alley at the other end? LOL

Monster tower you can pay $5 and ride to the top to look at the view of the city!


The Man said...

Somethings gone funky with the spaces between the pictures.. I'm not sure why it's doin that!

Double Dee said...

My heart broke when I saw the turtles... :(

Great job in pics & keeping us informed... hope all is well with you... not sure if I really want to visit Korea.... hmmmm I'd be scared to buy ANY food LOL

Teri said...

haha... that first pic andrea and i look so bummed, walking with our heads down... lol

Hogey said...

All that fish and such is making me hungry... so hungry I could eat turtle soup. There is an Asian market around here that Geoff and I keep saying we are going to hit up. Wonder if it has anything that cool there?