Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunlight + Olive Oil = Don't Hesitate

We took a little trip to a small Korean city of about 3 million called Jeonju, here's a few pics
"A street that is a desire to walk" According to the town map
Random back alley

Big beer and the smallest glass I have ever been given to drink beer from

What can I say!

Artsy shot of Jeonju

Cool traffic lights and a store called kolon sports.....i dunno what goes on in there!

Some king had a fight with a tiger and today this little building is in the spot where it all went on, sorry I can't remember how the story went but you get the point!

I had to go around :(

Bamboo forest

This building is in our neighbourhood about a 10 minute walk from home notice anything weird about it?

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Alkamoia said...

The there flames on the roof? Or is that a swastika (can't spell German sign thing)???