Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Belly Of The Sun

This is my old office door and my last message, before I left

This is my new office door, I haven't had a chance to put my message up yet!
There are some strange things I have noticed about "life" here in Korea, like did you know it is perfectly legal to smoke a cig , listen to your ipod and drive a scooter on the sidewalk/road all at the same time without wearing a helmet. I see this everyday because I almost get run over on the sidewalk if I'm not paying attention.
Speaking of walking I see people walking backwards, I had to take a second look before I clued in as to what was happening but it happens alot here, I will try to snap a picture for proof! Strange yet it makes me wonder is it health beneficial in anyway? Does it take miles off your body, like in Ferris Buller when they tried to take the miles off the car? I wonder??
The picture below is how people move their stuff in and out of apartments. If you think about it, it is a genius idea no lifting stuff up six flights of stairs and trying to wiggle stuff through doors. They take out the window, put everything on an elevator truck and bam...your moved in or out!

They cook silk worm larvae in big pots at subway stops, I'm guessing it's some sorta local delicacy but the smell is terrible and I have yet to try it ! Ms D throws up in her mouth at the instant she smells it.....that's probably why I have not been so keen to try!

It is my first year not being in Canada for Canada Day....Kinda weird but were going out to celebrate anyway, and tomorrow at work, if all goes well will be rough!


Hogey said...

Happy canada day buck O. Paint a big flag on your chest and run backwards down the street. See if anyone notices.

At work today.. The only one here. I have idiocracy playing for my viewing and listening pleasure.

It's great. My movies at work :)

Teri said...

mwahahaaaa... i just killed you at the pics game... :)))