Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lucky 7

The most ritzy place in Korea to live Gangnam, by ritzy I mean expensive and nice! The black towers you see along the sidewalk are big screen computers that you can take pictures from and even email them!
The highlight of my day was being crowded in this subway car like sardines in a can! They actually have people blowing whistles and pushing people into the cars. We left the horse races early to avoid the crowd, I guess we did sorta!

A man made waterfall at Seoul Racecourse Park....AKA the horse race place!

Racetrack supervisors

The betting/odds board notice the million dollar figure on the bottom left, thats how much was bet on that particular race....some races I saw it go over 4.5 million. The horse park holds about 30,000 people and has a 5 floor viewing grandstand.

The track from our seats in the foreigners lounge! We sat indoors because the air con was a blessing to the 30degree heatwave outside! Also the outdoor grandstand is like one big smoking lounge, I heard a statistic that 89% of Korean males over the age of 23 smoke......lemme tell ya we watched one race outside and it was like a blue haze over the hot sticky air.

Horse race that I didn't win on!
I ended up winning on the second last race once I enquired and figured out the odds, turns out I was always betting on the long shot to win! Sure the payout would have been fantastic but the chances were slim!
I won $21.60 on that race and only lost $4.50 for the whole day!
Lots of inexpensive fun

Statues on the way into the race park

Ms D giving me the "look" on the subway platform.

The view of the skyline/river/running paths in Ori a nice suberb no where near our house!

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