Monday, June 15, 2009

Gin Palace

A quiet street on the walk down to Teri's school, the green part I think is made of cork so it's easy on the feet!
A bridge over a not so quiet street, you have to really watch when your walking, as red lights for cars and walk signals for pedestrians are mearly a suggestion! This whole meal for Teri and I was $12 total. It's barley rice and about 15 different kinds of Kimchi mix it up add gochu peppers and hot sauce....God Dam it's tasty!

A room with a view

This Truck freaked me out and fogged me out at the same time, notice the cloud being pumped out the back, it fogs the whole street/area for bugs or something. I think it smells like roof tar I ran into a building the first time I saw it coming. However this shot was taken on the quiet street I showed earlier and there was no building to run into this time.I think he was following me hackhack,cough,spit!

Today we were at the grocery store, witch is a floor of huge department store anyhow we were in the fish section, I wanted to take a picture of the jumbo shrimp still with their heads on and the table of LIVE crabs that were crawling. Actually they were crawling/falling off the table,right in the middle of the aisle, however there is no pictures taken in grocery stores Who Knew??
Grocery shopping here is a whole different experience, there are people yelling(sometimes with megaphones) to buy whatever it is they're standing beside, forget trying to compare prices just get what you need and get out, trust me it's easier and better for your ears!

More later peeps

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