Monday, June 22, 2009

Singing In The Sunshine, Laughing In The Rain.

A quiet street in Seoul We went for a tour of Gyeongbokgung Palace, A place that was built for the king in the 1400's Destroyed by the Japanese in 1592 and was not reconstructed till 1868. Ongoing restoration is still happening today, It is 40% complete to it's original state as of 2009.
These were some of the random statues in and around the area

Stairs we were not allowed to climb Outside the sleeping quarters
Inside the sleeping quarters of above building

The attention to detail in every ceiling tile makes you go dizzy

A meeting area, I think
Guards at the gate, I bet they get their pictures taken at least 500,000 times a day!

Approaching the main gate
Always in deep this one I'm wondering where my shades are!

The night before the palace tour, we all went to eat at a Brazilian all you can eat steak place!
You heard me right! ALL you can eat steak and fixins for $25 bucks each, they had sirloin,fillet mingion, chicken wrapped steak, garlic steak and baby steak as the waiter called it! Done how you like it and they just keep coming, I didn't say a word for at least a half hour! After we rolled on out for some drinks and nori-bong which in English translates to singing room.
In this "Rock and Roll" bar they played alot of tunes by Rush, which I know someone out there reading this is quite impressed right now!

Tambourine Teri and Nathan rockin the Nori-bong

Statues you can buy for your yard!

Another smaller temple in Seoul, notice the swastika on the pitch of the roof, contrary to popular belief Hitler stole the symbol from the Buddhist religion

They like statues and trees!

Outside view of the temple
Inside view
A view from the balcony of this music warehouse we strolled through, imagine a building the size of Home depot filled with any and every kind of instrument you can imagine, I priced out a solid wood Acoustic guitar and it was $200 bucks or $190 if you pay cash....LOL
This building below Teri calls the eye in the sky! It's a bank or something but it's so tall it helps you orientate yourself in case you get lost!

A view of the street below, the eye in the sky is to my left

I think they are in desperate need of electricians here, I took this to illustrate what an average hydro pole in Seoul looks like, notice the wires, good thing its raining!

A better view of another

Teri always catches me checkin out the locals

This place is nuts were gettin out of the rain and going for a beer!

I think it's this way, down a labyrinth of alleys like this where guys on scooters drive like maniacs
Another thing I learned about Seoul is when traffic is backed up on the road they drive on the sidewalk, dodging the pedestrians and no one even cares. Scooters, cars and trucks I haven't seen any buses on the sidewalk yet but it wont surprise me LOL
Back alleys are like a city inside a city if you can find your way around!


khawk said...

Rush in Korea = good

All You Can Eat Steak = Very Good!


WOW.... very cool pics.. sounds like you are in your glory, and as soon as you said all you can eat steak, I knew you weren't gonna be talkin'.. LOL

Looks like you guys are having a blast...keep up the good work in keepin' us posted!!

Take care, my friend :)