Friday, June 19, 2009

Wheat Kings

Another really hot day like plus 32, so we decide to go out for HotPot soup good idea eh....well actually it is! It's a cook it yourself kinda deal with all the fixins and man is it good, and messy, I got kimchi and soup broth all over my white shirt, I was quite pissed off about that that's why I'm not in the pictures. Still eating where did the beer go?Today's breakfast/lunch was roll or sushi, whatever ya like to call it....this was the spicy California and it was really good.
Ms D with her veggie roll and our tempura appetizer, this place was so good after we were finished they gave us free I repeat free frozen yogurt for desert, just for being lovers in a dangerous time!

Remember the Red Dog beer that didn't make it in Canada, well it made it over here LOL fifth one from the top left!
These guys try to run me over because I won't eat their food!

So far this is the safest place to fish in Korea, all the tanks are packed with fish you never heard of. The idea is you pick your fish, they catch it for you, 10 min goes by and your eating! I have stayed clear of these places so far but lemme tell ya there everywhere!
See the little dude with the bucket.......


Anonymous said...

Goldshlagger, your doing good! This has changed your life, thats a big deal. Your far far away. Go to the beach!!!!!!!! Get snorkeling

Anonymous said...

I am in particular awe of the horse with the phallic growth protruding off his back. Do tell...oh do tell.