Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sushi Train

Took the short trip to Jeongja, it is the second most expensive place in to live in Korea. The skyline is beautiful if your into TALL lit up buildings, it's all nestled next to a river with really nice walking paths, basketball courts and bike trails. Too bad my camera could not get a better picture of it all!

The reason we were in Jeongja is to go to the Sushi train restaurant. You sit at your table and the food goes by on a conveyer belt type thing, ya see something you like and grab it.
Although it was not cheap it was a load of fun! All the plates are colour coded and each colour plate is a different cost.
See the lady cleaning up, thats where we sat!

Our friend Charlotte keeping an eye on the train!

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Hogey said...

SO what I am seeing here, is that you moved for the cool food!