Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sweet Home Chicago

Still Unemployed
A million things to do and I'm quickly running out of time
I leave my home, my city, my country in 4days
I have to pack and shuffle like crazy, but what am I doin
bloggin and procrastinating
I have been riding Ms D's bike as the cars have all been sold.
Today I went to see my Grandma in the hospital and on the way there
I broke me lady's bike, the gears on the back wheel......actually snapped in half
not all of em just one, leaving the bike useless!
A $30 fix and were back in business thank god I was close to a bike shop!
Gonna miss a few things about "home" but I will come back with some crazy ass stories to tell.
I built a birdhouse or the tajmahal as Ms D likes to call it
just with scrap wood and about a year of fuckin around in my spare time, anyway I put it up and some birds moved in !
Who's the man now?

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