Thursday, June 18, 2009

Phone Juseyo

Well the first day of work was OK I manged to bullshit my way through
I didn't have much of a choice because, my boss handed me a timetable and off I went with my cd and storybook in hand
It went by pretty fast and they feed you after. The director is an older Korean lady she came right out and said I was hot......I guess she likes me LOL
Today's after work adventure was to get a cell phone, So because I tried around the neighbourhood at various stores and had no luck, I took the subway to Migeum about a 15min event and tried my luck there. Mission accomplished, who said the language barrier was a problem? I actually got lucky, the salesman spoke konglish enough for him to understand what I was after. As I type this, there's a guy outside on a loud speaker yelling in Korean, I thought the war was breaking out and I was all freaked out, turns out he's just selling watermelons
We went into Seoul last night and holy shit the place is CRAZY
neon and people for miles and miles unfortunately I never had a chance to take pics
as we were celebrating one of Ms D's friends (now my friends) engagement.
A cool little bar with a completely open front, and trance techno music playin
almost like you were on a beach or something.
Hot pot soup tonight for supper
stay tuned!

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