Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken

Went for a walk up the mountain behind our house, there is exercise equipment and park benches on the way up. I didn't walk too far because the bugs were brutal and I don't even know what kinda bugs they were so I was outta there! Teri's Lunch today a soft tofu chiggea or soup
My lunch today (and probably everyday) chamchi kim-bap or tuna roll freakin delicious!

Lots of scooters here, this one's a BMW

You lookin at my scooter?

Last nights supper was Pizza, not like the pizza your thinkin of, this was the Korean version of. Mexican pizza was the flavour and it was actually quite good! The yellow stuff around the inside edge is mashed sweet potato, Teri thinks it gross I think it's not bad! The crust is not at all hard so you have to eat it with a fork.
Were going into Seoul tonight, so there should be more crazy pics to follow, that is if my camera doesn't disintegrate from pollution! It won't be a late night though as I start my first job tomorrow and I need to be on the ball!


Hogey said...

Oh my! What a strange land you live in dude!! The food looks so good, I think I might want to move there.

So where do you go fishing?

The Man said...

Well the only river I know of was declared a bio hazard 20yrs ago so keeping that in mind, I see alot of fish tanks on the street full of ocean fish you could start there.....LOL