Monday, July 27, 2009

Must Be The Kimchi

We went to a rock'n'roll show this past weekend out near the airport(more pics of that later)
Two things I encountered surprised me, and maybe even irritated me. First I know the picture quality is not that good but what the sign basically says is they are concerned about the spread of the swine flu here in Korea. I was thinking well that's good they are trying to prevent it from I get in line, ticket in hand and the little Korean comes up takes my ticket and my I passed I think to myself....then I notice they are only checkin the white folks as they come in, not ONE Korean got his/her temp taken. As the sign clearly says "health workers will be checking all visitors" So this other guy in our group and myself go ask why they are not checkin Koreans too.......He looked at us and pointed away from there and said "entrance" In other words he did NOT want to talk about it and was pissed we even questioned him about it. There are several schools here in Korea closed down because of swine flu cases and I heard one schools cause was because some Korean kids brought it back from the US on their recent vacation. Also if they are so concerned how come NONE of the bathrooms provide soap for handwashing? not just at the concert I mean almost every public washroom everywhere here!
For a country where the statistic in 89% of Korean males smoke as of 23 years old. I was very surprised to see an anti smoking campaign set up in the subway! I think I'm the only male who doesn't smoke here!

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Hogey said...

So if I am correct, that picture says if I smoke my lungs are going to explode? Holly crap they got some strong tobacco there!!!