Sunday, February 11, 2007

Look What I found.....

So I was going through some receipts and papers... Income tax season that is fastly approaching , I am trying to stay on top of it this year, not to mention the cash I will be getting back.... so the sooner it's ready the faster I can send it in when tax time comes. Anyhow in the clusterfuck of papers and receipts, I find this .... a bounced paycheque that my former employer wrote In case you cant read the fine print it says that the paycheque that I deposited into my bank account has bounced and were charging you an extra $3.00 in service fees.Nice eh! My jackass former employee writes me a cheque, He has NSF and I get charged another $3 not to mention the bullshit I encountered trying to get my money juggled around for bills and loan payments.At the time I was Fumen, well I was mad anyway! Today it got me thinking the fuckin financial institutions make a killing in service fee's, transaction fees, interest and don't forget about the fee they charge for even thinking about going to the bank to take out your own money. So what do you do? put all your money in a shoebox somewhere....No can't really do that so the "banks" take suckers like me and you to the cleaners with there fees day after day and year after year. Although that bounced cheque has been paid with another cheque from his construction company 4 days later. I called him trying to get paid and inform him of this little technicality I left about 30 messages with no call back. I had a plan I told the other DJ that when his shift was done at 8 to go home not wait for me and I will be there. So the phone rings It's 8:13pm Who could that be? ....Hello .......Ya Sean It's Rick You supposed to work tonight? Yes I was also supposed to get paid last week did you get my 30 messages the fuckin cheque bounced......ahhh(long pause) I been busy with the construction business blah blah blah blah blah blah are u gonna square this up? Simple pay me and I work No pay= No work...ahhh ya Come down tomorrow I write you another cheque......You going to cash it for me?......How much is it?...$219.86 plus $3 for the fees(witch I never got) Ya I can cash that..OK see you tomorrow CLICK. I guess the other guy stayed(pussy) and fucked my plan to leave the boss without a DJ on a Wed night.
I ended up quitting a month later and he was open for a couple months after that and went bankrupt He owes every single staff member money to this day(except for me cause I racked up a bar tab) aware there's lots of assholes out there and you can't spell SUCKER without "U"

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“handesald latts tickets and julled lotto trays.”